Wake County landowners fighting NC DOT over ‘useless land’

Matthew Bryant argues before Wake County Superior Court. Matthew Bryant, an attorney with Hendrick Bryant Nerhood Sanders & Otis, LLP, argues the Map Act has prevented the land owners from selling there land.

Using the Map Act, the NCDOT records a list of landowners at the Register of Deeds and describes the project number. By doing so, the property is identified as being in a future roadway. If a landowner applies for a permit to make improvements to their property, they have to wait 3 years based on the Map Act statute. No properties sell in the identified properties, except to the NCDOT. Prices of property in the identified roadway project are kept at depressed prices while the landowners wait and wait, sometimes over 20 years, for the NCDOT to ultimately condemn their property.

Is this a condemnation? Is this constitutional under the North Carolina Constitution?