There have been naysayers all along about the lawsuits against the NC Department of Transportation on the inverse condemnation claims based on the NCDOT’s use of Map Act Corridors.

Naysayers before the Kirby v. NCDOT Court of Appeals opinion.

Land owners still questioning the case even after the opinion.

Using the Kirby victory, Hendrick Bryant and local counsel have won the next step in the cases.

This week, April 6, 2015, a trial court judge granted a property owner’s motion on the pleadings. This ruling states that there was an inverse condemnation and that the property owner has been damaged.

In that case, we are now moving forward to the final stage: the damages phase of that lawsuit.

Damages: we will now argue how much our property owner has been damaged and how much the NCDOT will be ordered to pay.

If you are a property owner affected by the NCDOT’s use of the Map Act & have property in a corridor, call our NC eminent domain attorneys at 336-723-7200