One of the benefits of choosing Hendrick Bryant in the NCDOT Inverse Condemnation/Map Act Corridor cases is that we’ve been granted special judges to hear the cases.

It’s called Rule 2.1 Judges. The Courts have recognized that because these cases are not class actions, but that there are hundreds of them statewide, that it would be best for them to be handled by specially designated judges.

So when we file the Map Act cases for the property owners, the Chief Judge of the particular district submits this to the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court to designate this as an additional case in the hearings.

The benefit is the same judges will hear these cases, know the law, and we can fast track them.

At Hendrick Bryant law firm, because we are handling plenty of cases, we will know how the NCDOT is handling cases, know what others are getting, and can apply that valuable knowledge.

We are the lone firm to challenge the NCDOT’s use of the Map Act Corridors. We are the firm that one the seminal ruling in Kirby v. NCDOT that ordered that the NCDOT took landowners’ property without just compensation.

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Here’s a link to a NC Lawyers Weekly article on the status of the Map Act in legislature and courts: