The North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, lashed out at the legislature for hiring private firm attorneys to defend new laws.


Per the N.C. Lawyers Weekly “Funnily enough, Cooper sees no problem giving piles of cash to outside counsel to defend the state against lawsuits over the Department of Transportation’s alleged widespread abuse of the Map Act. The state had been handling that job in-house until recently.” See

Well, it’s not so funny if you are a property owner desiring to get the just compensation for having your property inversely condemned by the NCDOT, especially those in Forsyth County, Wake County, Cleveland County, Cumberland County, Pender County. All in all, over 500+ property owners who get trapped in their property by the NCDOT’s use of the Map Act Corridor.

As reported in that article from Lawyers Weekly, the Attorney General’s office is paying several firms in the state between $200 – $390/hour to work against property owners. Paralegals for these firms are billed to the state between $100-180/hour. Juxtapose that fee with what the State pays attorneys representing indigent criminal clients – $55-85 hour.

Hendrick Bryant Nerhood Sanders & Otis’ NC Condemnation attorneys are carrying the fight for property owners in the Map Act. In early 2016 we go to Raleigh to argue your case before the N.C. Supreme Court.

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