News & Observer endorsement of I-540 owners trapped by Map Act and NCDOT (Inverse Condemnation Suit in Wake County):

North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law’s article discussing the N.C. Supreme Court ruling on whether the Map Act can be declared a Class Action. Matthew Bryant, a NC condemnation attorney, brought the claims, which are still on-going in the court system.

Matthew Bryant’s arguments for condemned property owners in the N.C. Appellate Courts:

WRAL & Arguments by Hendrick Bryant lawyer for landowners trapped by I-540 & Map Act & arguments this is Inverse Condemnation by the NC Department of Transporation:  “People Die”

Land owners Win in Court of Appeals on Inverse Condemnation claim with attorney, Matthew Bryant 2/17/15: State Must Pay Landowners – Winston-Salem Journal

Beltway Land Owners & Attorney Matthew Bryant’s Inverse Condemnation case one of 2014’s Most Notable Cases in NC

Northern Beltway (eastern loop) breaking ground video, with comments by Gov. McCrory and Attorney Matthew Bryant:

WFDD report on Northern Beltway Victory for Property Owners:

2012 WRAL article on Court of Appeals and whether case should have class action status: Court of Appeals weighs Class Action Status

Lawyers Weekly article from February 25, 2014 (may require logging in). Discusses difficulties of Map Act on Property Owners & claims of Inverse Condemnation: Beltway Property Owners Seek Relief